Thank you for your wisdom, clarity and powerful presence for the whales. You are the magic!
17 Sep 2018 21:52:50 PDT

Hello everyone, Here is a postscript story about IWC 67: By all means pass it on. All our best to you all, and as we've said before: Thanks for caring about whales! Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@OL@Surrey BC
17 Sep 2018 16:44:09 PDT

Thanks Lori, sending love back to you too. We're nearly back home now and all's well. Looks like we forgot to post our story about Day Five of this year's IWC meeting so here it is: Hello everyone, here is a story about Day Five of IWC 67: By all means pass it on. All our best wishes and thanks for caring about whales, Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@OL@Surrey
16 Sep 2018 17:12:34 PDT

Is that noise an Orca?
Denine Rogers@Riverside
15 Sep 2018 10:31:57 PDT

Deep breath, I can't even imagine this world without you and Helena by your side.. Love you both...hurry home
Lori & A16@Carlsbad
14 Sep 2018 22:48:59 PDT

Hi everyone, Here is a story about Day Five of this year's IWC meeting: By all means pas it on. All our best wishes and thanks for caring about whales, Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@OL@Florianololis
14 Sep 2018 19:17:15 PDT

Hello everyone,Here is a story about Day Four of this year's IWC meeting: By all means pass it on. All our best wishes from Florianopolis Brazil, and please take good care, Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@OL & Florianopilis
13 Sep 2018 19:23:18 PDT

Hello everyone Here is a link to a story about IWC 67 Day Three: By all means pass it on. All our best from Florianopolis Brazil. Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@OL@Florianololis
12 Sep 2018 19:45:38 PDT

Humpback too!
12 Sep 2018 12:18:06 PDT

the wall..I15's, the Royal Family A30's. Home
11 Sep 2018 22:13:40 PDT

Team, I am looking for a newsletter article on the orca. Do you have anything you can share with like minded folk in Australia? Migration would be a good topic or family bonds or even communication? Please drop me an email to discuss further. Cheers, L
Leesa Pratt@Australia
11 Sep 2018 21:29:45 PDT

Hi everyone, Here is a story about Day One of this year's IWC meeting: By all means pass it on.All our best from Florianopolis Brazil, Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@OL & Florianopolis
10 Sep 2018 19:40:06 PDT

Hello everyone, Here is an initial story about this year's IWC meeting in Florianopolis Brazil: More stories will follow in the coming days. By all means pass them on. Thanks for caring about whales, and all our best to you all, Paul & Helena
Paul & Helena@ol@florianopolis
10 Sep 2018 04:37:15 PDT

Is the Humpback in the Bight with the Orca's?
05 Sep 2018 23:30:49 PDT

@ Sarah Häuser: Hello Sarah, can you send me your pictures from the A23s and A42s? I manage the side Killer Whales of BC on FB and looking for new pictures. Would Be great. Thank you My adress:
05 Sep 2018 04:04:44 PDT

A-42's were doing circles around Sutil Channel today between Quadra and Cortes Island.
Sarah Hauser@Courtenay
04 Sep 2018 19:32:22 PDT

Thanks for the report, Nick and Sarah!
04 Sep 2018 03:13:56 PDT

Pretty sure the a-23's were in Nodales Channel Westing at 18:00 today. I sent you some photos via email.
Sarah Hauser@Courtenay
03 Sep 2018 22:46:39 PDT

Bueno and Love... from home!
03 Sep 2018 19:39:26 PDT

Paul and I are in Brazil at the moment and I happened to open up and saw the orcas coming into Blackney. So nice to think we can watch from anywhere in the world. Go Internet!! Go Explore !!!
03 Sep 2018 19:34:16 PDT

Joan Kimberley@PO Box 1644
03 Sep 2018 17:54:03 PDT

J50 is alive :) she has been found this morning with her family
03 Sep 2018 13:22:55 PDT

03 Sep 2018 10:34:00 PDT

sad news...
03 Sep 2018 09:35:35 PDT

We documented the A23s leaving Nodales Channel yesterday afternoon at approx 1500 hours as they made their way west into JS. Was awesome to see A60 and family and I really hope they are eating well down here!
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
03 Sep 2018 07:39:51 PDT

I posted a collage of Pics of Current A79s new calf to the Orcalab Facebook Page if anyone would like to see the new baby. He/she looks strong, seen swimming mostly with Current and sometimes with grandma Sonora. At 1930 hours last night they were travelling south done Marina Island and made as abrupt a turn asignal Turn Point and headed North up the marina shoreline again. It's a mainz ingredients to have them here....22 years here whale watching and many changes are still happening.
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
01 Sep 2018 08:10:11 PDT

Last time they saw A46 he was travelling with the A34's. I think that was last year, I haven't seen any reports of him in a long while
30 Aug 2018 06:30:02 PDT

@Dan: The male is A66 Surf. Son of A42 Sonora
29 Aug 2018 14:08:47 PDT

Nick or anyone. who is the male traveling with the A42s? A60 or A46? if not 46 who is he traveling with these days?
Dan Wilson@Whistler BC
29 Aug 2018 12:16:08 PDT

Dan Wilson@Whistler BC
29 Aug 2018 12:14:20 PDT

You know its the A30's...thinking about A6 and his N47 call.
28 Aug 2018 23:17:46 PDT

Thanks everyone, Nick,Andrew, Jack and Sarah for all the great updates. This has been such a help.
27 Aug 2018 22:30:12 PDT

A42s plus 1 smaller dorsal fin (not Idable yet) 1600 hrs 0.5 miles off of Hernando Island
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
27 Aug 2018 16:20:27 PDT

Lots of frequent blows, at least 7 orcas, mid Strait off Big Bay. In my groggy state I am pretty sure they are eastbound but not travelling very fast.
Andrew Jones@Hanson Island
27 Aug 2018 01:03:49 PDT

Thanks Andrew, just saw this, just after finishing the update where I wondered what happened to the I4/16s - now I think, thanks to you, I know.
26 Aug 2018 22:54:19 PDT

@925 to 930 three more orcas past close to shore heading west at Big Bay, Quire a few more blows further out in the strait but cannot see them or confirm direction
Andrew Jones@Hanson Island
26 Aug 2018 21:36:11 PDT

At 2100 three possibly four orcas past Big Bay heading west very close to shore. Possibly Biggs because of their behavior.
Andrew Jones@Hanson Island
26 Aug 2018 21:08:15 PDT

Jenny@Germay I posted a distant pic if A109, Eliot, taken and posted on Friday via To my untrained eye, s/he looked good.
Jen @CH
26 Aug 2018 11:04:27 PDT

Hi Helena. I believe we only had Guy CLAN animals in Discovery PASSAGE yesterday. Ids were difficult when I was on scene but I know the 30s well and didn't see any of them on scene
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
26 Aug 2018 10:48:41 PDT

Hey Guys, can you tell me if A109 Eliot is still with the A23‘s? Hope shes doing well after her boat accident
26 Aug 2018 09:44:31 PDT

Hi Sarah, Thank you for this. Certainly, you may send the recordings to :
26 Aug 2018 07:13:16 PDT

Can you please email me your email address? I would like to email you some Vocals from resident orca today in Discovery Channel. If your interested. Sarah
Sarah Hauser@
25 Aug 2018 23:07:05 PDT

Thanks Nick, It is, like the smokey skies, becoming clearer. One remaining question Jack said the A30s were in Discovery Ch today, however, they are up this direction, any ideas?
25 Aug 2018 16:37:33 PDT

A42s plus one small fin, 7 animals total are at Hill Island top of Sutil channel 1640 hrs
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
25 Aug 2018 16:24:14 PDT

Hi, I only discovered Orca Live today. I had the Robson Bight (RB) camera on for an hour or so on my laptop, (about two hours ago or so), and then the orcas appeared! I am just blown away by seeing them live on the camera from my location! It's made my day. I shall visit often. What you are doing is wonderful, and such a privilege to see these orcas live in their natural home - something I have only dreamed of doing before today. Thank you. Caroline (Cass), Maidstone, Kent, England, UK.
Caroline (Cass)@Maidstone, England, UK.
25 Aug 2018 11:50:01 PDT

Did you not see my report Helena? A42s were south of Baker Passage last night on Thier way to Powell River. No need to scratch heads :-)
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
25 Aug 2018 10:47:38 PDT

But that does seem like a lot of travel for the A42s if they are in Georgia Strait. Scratching heads :)
25 Aug 2018 09:47:07 PDT

But that does seem like a lot of travel for the A42s if they are in Georgia Strait. Scratching heads :)
25 Aug 2018 09:45:43 PDT

Thanks Jack, We believe they made it up to the Reserve early this morning - a lot of travel.
25 Aug 2018 09:41:13 PDT

A42s went to Harwood Island last night. G CLAN and A30s A25s in Discovery Passage right now
Nick Templeman@Campbell River
25 Aug 2018 09:20:12 PDT