Hi Anne, You can go to OrcaLab’s Facebook page. They posted a video on Friday of the September 10th Rubbing Beach instance.
16 Sep 2019 06:19:54 PDT

Hi Orca live, I was whale watching on Sept 10, 2019 and watched the orcas rubbing on the beach at Robson Blight from the distance. The young guide said we could see on line so I wonder if I could see that date on your cameras. He had it on line while we were watching from afar. Can I see them as there was many rubbing which we could'nt see. Thanks
Anne Barbara Gosse@8737-212 Street, unit 2
14 Sep 2019 15:42:35 PDT

Jen@CH Thank you for your interest in the Summaries. Please write to us at orcalab2@gmail.com
Helena@Hanson Island
09 Sep 2019 08:42:15 PDT

Dear OrcaLab, May I share your updates on our FB Group site?
04 Sep 2019 05:53:46 PDT

Sitting on my balcony in Campbell River watching 1 large, possibly 2 female and 1 active baby orca going by on Quadra side. Whale watching boats impeccable but other small boats need lessons (or fines). Beautiful sight!
26 Aug 2019 16:23:17 PDT

It works! Thanks A12sp@JPN
21 Aug 2019 13:08:21 PDT

Lauren@US, download VLC, file-open network and paste this URL http://orca-live.net/orca.asx wait for 20 sec to connect.
20 Aug 2019 00:53:02 PDT

Hey! I'm trying to listen to the calls, but I can't see to access the sound. I've looked in the FAQ's and downloaded real player...but that didn't work? Any ideas?
19 Aug 2019 09:14:52 PDT

Some really interesting descending calls just now! Is this still the A30s? Thank you :)
19 Aug 2019 02:39:34 PDT

Hello! I don't have any kayaks but I have a canoe, and I am simply trying to inform myself if the waters right along the coast of the Johnstone straight where there are often whales are nice enough to paddle with a canoe when calm. I am a wildlife biology student at the university of McGill and want to make it clear that I am an experienced paddler and that I am not trying to paddle where I am not allowed or break any regulations. Just want an honest opinion about if canoeing with the wildlife there is doable. Any info would be helpful. Thank you!
Aaron Brisebois@466 rue duquette
16 Aug 2019 15:56:01 PDT

FStream also won't play Orca Sound or Lime Kiln...
Cher@San Juan
15 Aug 2019 10:19:24 PDT

Hi Megan @ Baltimore! I just installed FStream. But it is saying "Disconnected"? And the Play button doesn't do anything?
Cher@San Juan
15 Aug 2019 09:45:00 PDT

thank you Megan, Fsteam works on my ipad.
Joan Kimberley@807-597-1519
14 Aug 2019 06:51:45 PDT

Works perfect Megan on ipad. Thx for the hint;)
13 Aug 2019 09:44:40 PDT

For anyone with an iPhone: Download an app called FStream. In the app go to Favorites > Add favorite. Name the stream whatever you like, and in the URL field input this URL: “http://www.orca-live.net/orca2007.asx?. You will then be able to listen to this stream in the app. I often have difficulty listening to these streams on desktop as well, but this works a charm. Will work for streams from other hydrophones as well, ie Lime Kiln, you just need the URL of the stream. Cheers & happy listening! ~Megan M
Megan McGrath@300 E 30th St., Apt. 6E, Baltimore MD 21218
10 Aug 2019 16:04:46 PDT

The audio still does not work. No matter what browser I use. It’s not a Mac either!
10 Aug 2019 14:58:20 PDT

For all those struggling to get the audio to work here, try this link: http://northenresidentorcas.blogspot.com/ And click on the little link on the top called "Northern Residents Live". I always have plug in issues on my desktop but that link works for me. They're still singing loud and clear. :)
Katy@United Kingdom
05 Aug 2019 18:20:22 PDT

@Kim Im on a mac and use the VLC player, free to download. hope this helps.
02 Aug 2019 06:44:18 PDT

Unsupported plug in - any ideas how I can listen to this on a Mac?
Kim Bowen-Wood@Flat 2 Merrywood House, Merrywood Lane, Thakeham
02 Aug 2019 01:45:44 PDT

Unsupported plug in - any tips on where to go from here?
David@Friday Harbor
01 Aug 2019 22:26:20 PDT

Audio on - says live stream not available - any tips on how to hear the hydrophones ?
David Howitt@Friday Harbor
01 Aug 2019 22:16:35 PDT

Been awhile since I’ve been on site. Is there sound on the videos? I am not hearing anything!
Shelley@@Sacramento, California
31 Jul 2019 15:43:27 PDT

HI Orcalab! We are on our way to visit the Sanctuary. Hoping it will be ok for us to hike down and say hi.
Elodie@Vancouver, BC
31 Jul 2019 08:49:53 PDT

Thanks for always letting us know what's going on
Andrea@Tucson AZ
30 Jul 2019 11:42:49 PDT

Thank you Andrew for the info.
Helena@Hanson Island
29 Jul 2019 08:42:18 PDT

@Andrew, i manage the Site Killer Whales of B.C. on Facebook and searching for Northern Resident pictures. Can you send me some pictures from your encounter to jennyrietz@arcor.de Would be awesome. Thank you for the info www.facebook.com/NorthernResidents
28 Jul 2019 23:38:44 PDT

Had about 8 NRKW Easting near Humpback Bay in East Johnston Straight around 100pm today. They slept Mid Channel for about an hour and then headed West Again around 2:00 PM Heard there was another Group Westing Near Windy Point around 2:30pm
Andrew Rice@CRWW
28 Jul 2019 20:59:34 PDT

We are at bere point. Any way to know or be alerted when the whales are en route this way? I am afraid I'll be back at the campsite making lunch and miss them! I'd like to be quietly waiting so add not to disturb them. Thanks for all you do!
28 Jul 2019 08:49:07 PDT

Been coming here almost everyday. Thank you so much for doing everything that you do, OL.
Pam M@Scottsdale, AZ
27 Jul 2019 19:24:30 PDT

Thanks Nick for all the info!
Helena@Hanson Island
27 Jul 2019 11:15:25 PDT

Hello Paul and Helena. Just finishing up some Id work from our encounter today with the Northern at Kelsey Bay and Camp Point. With the help of our MLS research team and Jenny Reitz we were able to confirm the presence of the A30s (only A54s with new calf A118) as well as I16s I4s I27s and I65s we think. We also had the A23s and A25s travelling ahead of the Is and A30s. The A5s hit the Camp Point rubbing beach first and were followed by the 30s and I15s. The latter were still rubbing at 1500 when we all departed. They must have then turned and headed back to the west and to the Bight. The A5s continued East, A25s were at Vansitart Point at 1600hrs and the A23s at that point we’re maybe a mile further east along the VI shoreline. Will update in the AM if we hear of the whereabouts of the A5s. Cheers. Nick and the #chiefwhalespotter
Nick Templeman @Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions
27 Jul 2019 00:08:25 PDT

Timothy, Or try: orca-live.net/orca.asx
26 Jul 2019 08:02:45 PDT

sorry Timothy probably this one in windows media player mms://orca2007.stream.co.jp/orca2007_live34
mark p@torrance, ca
24 Jul 2019 19:34:20 PDT

Hi Timothy try plugging this into windows media player play list www.orca-live.net/community/audio.html
mark p@torrance, ca
24 Jul 2019 19:31:10 PDT

Why can’t I ever hear anything? I love these guys. I check on them everyday. What am I doing wrong.
Timothy Anderson@Pompano Beach, Fl
23 Jul 2019 10:00:27 PDT

Why can’t I ever hear anything? I love these guys. I check on them everyday. What am I doing wrong.
Timothy Anderson@Pompano Beach, Fl
23 Jul 2019 09:59:59 PDT

All together...sigh. Their turn...bless this night!
20 Jul 2019 23:30:01 PDT

Fain calls now. The OrcaLab Base cam is back on explore.org. No highlights, nothing.
12 Jul 2019 09:31:52 PDT

Thx for the update. Its interesting to see the A25‘s are again with the A30‘s like last season. But why? What happened with the A23/25s connection? A85 Codero born in 2005 is now 14 years old. No signs of sprouting? Stubbs Island posted a picture two years ago where it looks like A85 Codero is a girl. Maybe thats why she‘s with the A30‘s. She can learn how to be a mom. Really hope to see A85 Codero soon with a calf. Maybe the A25 matriline will not die out. Fingers crossed
10 Jul 2019 00:07:00 PDT

Animals in Nodallas channel were transients. T101s T102s 002Cs and others. No sign of NRKW
Andrew Rice@CRWW
09 Jul 2019 13:07:26 PDT

via Nick T: Northern Residents possible A30?s and A25?s in Nodales Channel
09 Jul 2019 13:01:08 PDT

Appreciate you all, 4yrs of watching and today I heard the A's arrive and watched on the RBO cam. Thank you so much for all that you do.
08 Jul 2019 17:26:20 PDT

looks like A61 Surge with the tipped fin on Robson Bight cam
08 Jul 2019 10:15:16 PDT

Faint single calls right now
08 Jul 2019 09:16:07 PDT

@OL thank you for all the updates! So excited to spend time with the whales and OL again. Thanks for all you do! :)
06 Jul 2019 22:24:11 PDT

any chance of super pods this year for orcas?
Malcolm Hebert@7377 stride avenue
03 Jul 2019 07:26:31 PDT

Yes, exciting about Springer. Please let us know if sited with her young ones !
26 Jun 2019 14:49:52 PDT

So glad that Springer has been seen this year!
26 Jun 2019 09:03:12 PDT

Hi there, I am writing an email about orca conservation for Alive magazine and would love to interview Dr. Spong or another representative of OrcaLab. If interested, please contact me at isabelajvera@gmail.com as soon as possible. Thanks so much!
Isabela Vera@Sanderstrasse12
13 Jun 2019 07:38:35 PDT

https://bc.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-passes-legislation-that-bans-whale-and-dolphin-captivity-in-canada-1.4459750 :) Xx
Addie@C River
10 Jun 2019 10:54:15 PDT