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Greetings friends,

The long-awaited moment is here...
OrcaLive is about to open to for the summer 2005 season!
We will be webcasting this year again until late-October/early-November.
So tune in and enjoy the sights and sounds of the orca (of course)and all the wonders of nature at Johnstone Strait.


Message from OrcaLab

Hello everyone,

It's hard to believe that we are about to begin our 6th season of Orca-live, but it's true!Tomorrow evening, at (time PST) we will begin live streaming from OrcaLab's hydrophone network and video station at Cracroft Point.If you can, please log on to www.orca-live.net and enjoy the opening of this season with us!

We are a little later beginning this season than we had hoped.
Thank you for your patience while we have been dealing with various technical matters.

The first northern resident orcas returned to the Johnstone Strait area on June 22nd.Since then, many family groups have visited (A11s including Springer & A35s, A24s, all A5s, A12s, A30s, C6s) and we can expect many more orca visitors as the summer progresses.As this new season of LIVE unfolds, we will follow the stories of the many individuals and groups that make up the northern resident community.

Once again, we will be sharing with you the sounds we listen to at OrcaLab as we conduct our research.We will also be streaming imagery from underwater cameras placed in the kelp forest at Cracroft Point (CP).In addition, we will stream imagery from a surface camera at CP, as well as (hopefully) 2 cameras at the rubbing beaches.

We wish to express our heartfelt THANKS to NTT DATA for providing the core funding which makes our project possible.We are also very grateful for the dedication of the many staff members of Orca-live who keep our project running, and wish to especially acknowledge the contributions of JSTREAM, SPACEPORT, AXIS, ATLUX, NEUX, Jessie & Annie Gordon, Bill & Cathy ter Brugge, Anna Spong, and OrcaLab assistants.We are also very grateful to the Toronto Dominion Bank's Friends of the Environment Foundation, the Born Free Foundation, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Earthtrust, Earth Island Institute, and the OrcaLab Support Society.

We hope to have the pleasure of your company as this 2005 season of Orca-live unfolds!

Our very best wishes to you all,

Paul & Helena

Turtle Live update

Japan will soon be entering typhoon season.
To protect the equipment, we will be dismantling the underwater camera in the near future.
The sea-level cam will be webcasting as usual.



We await your thoughts and impressions.
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