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Greetings to all. This year Japan has been struck by several
typhoons including direct hits on the island from which we webcast
TurtleLive damaging our camera equipment. It's alarming to see how
abnormal weather conditions seem to be escalating worldwide; do you
sense that as well?
Today we are writing to inform you of a few Nature Network updates.

******* New OrcaLive highlight videos *******

The OrcaLive website now features highlights of the 2001 and 2003
seasons, edited by Anna Spong from footage on the DVD available
through OrcaLab. They all provide excellent glimpses into thev beautiful and varied nature at Johnstone Strait. Enjoy!


******* TurtleLive struck by a typhoon! *******

TurtleLive's underwater camera was damaged by a severe typhoon that
recently struck Okinoerabu Island, and with intermittent power
outages, we are examining our communications equipment for damages
there as well. We plan to install a new underwater camera around
November, after the typhoon season draws to a close.

******* Minor changes @ TurtleLive *******

Adjustments to the site to make it more user friendly include the
ability to switch back and forth between the English and Japanesev communities, while changes to the Live window include direct access
to Think the Earth project's Live Earth, local time display and
other features that make it similar to the OrcaLive Live window. Due
to typhoon-related damages, only the surface camera is presently in
service. Don't miss the south sea island's beautiful sunsets!


Thank you for your ongoing support of Nature Network.
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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