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It's already mid-August, and disconcerting that regions all over the
world continue to experience abnormal weather conditions. We hope
you are well. We have several updates to announce.

******* OrcaLive Messenger Upgrade *******

OrcaLive Messenger has been revised! New features include
notification of updates to OrcaLab comments, an updated monthly
calendar and more, to make
viewer connection to OrcaLive more intimate than ever. Download here.


******* Frequent enquiries add to the FAQs page *******

Thank you for the many enquiries. We have added the most frequently
asked of those questions -- along with Dr. Spong's responses -- to
the FAQs page.
Please check the page before writing us: the answer may already be


******* New highlights *******

We have good news from OrcaLab. The highlights of the 2001 & 2003
seasons of Orca-Live are now available to purchase as DVDs. We hope
they will bring back many wonderful memories of these great seasons
for our audience.

Please order on line at

******* Sea Turtle Live community page *******

We've opened an English language community page that will run for on
an experimental basis. Questions/comments about nature on Oki-erabu
are of course welcome. Responses will come from the science club
high school students who operate the site.
(They will try to response in english!)
We'd like to see it develop. Please contribute.


Thank you for your ongoing support of Nature Network.
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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