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We are already 3 weeks into OrcaLive's summer 2004 season.
Have you encountered any orca? With the season starting to build, we've enhanced the sites to make OrcaLive and TurtleLive more enjoyable than ever!

**** Interview with Dr. Spong *****

Four years having passed since Dr. Paul Spong established Nature Network, we decided to chat with him again about his concept!. The message is one we'd like every visitor to the site to hear. Access the interview via the "Study" section of the OrcaLive top page.


**** Introducing "Live Earth"! *****

To enhance the LIVE experience, we have added a link to Live Earth, a live rendition of the Earth as it appears at this moment. The revolving 3D Earth reflects the borders between day and night (the shadow the sun is casting on Earth) in real time, and cloud coverage update at 6 hour intervals. OrcaLive and TurtleLive locales are also marked on the globe. (Let's hope the number of marks increase!)
Live Earth is provided by Think the Earth Project, an NPO related to some of the OrcaLive staff. The Project website features a variety of means by which to think about the Earth. Please visit! (and register to receive TTE news)


The Think the Earth Project website features an interview conducted with Dr. Spong two years ago. Please read that as well.

Earth Report #4

***** Highlights added to Turtle Live *****

Video highlights from Turtle Live have been added to the English site. Click on the "Highlights" button inside the "LIVE" window.


***** Inquiries *****

Thank you for the many, many inquiries.
We apologize for the time it may take to answer them.
Where there were multiple inquiries regarding the same subject, we plan to post answers on the FAQs section of the site.
We appreciate your patience.
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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