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******* 2004 OrcaLive season begins! *******

OrcaLive is thrilled to be entering its fifth season!
We would like to express our deep gratitude to our sponsors and to all of you who are touched by the site every year.
We hope you will enjoy the wonders of nature that unfold before your eyes and ears in the 2004 season from now through November.
We plan to supplement the content of the site bit by bits along the way. Please stay tuned!


******* Message from OrcaLab *******

As our 5th season of Orca-live begins, we already have good news to report... Springer has returned! The survival of this baby orphaned orca, who won hearts around the world when she was found lost and far away from home near Seattle early in 2002, and then reunited with her "northern resident" community the following summer, was a question mark at the beginning. No one knew if she would find a place in orca society again. Now there can be little doubt. After 2 more years spent in the company of her great aunt Yakat's matriline, the A11s of the A4 pod, it is clear that Springer not only survived the rigors of west coast wintertime once again, she has resumed her life. We will now follow her story from year to year, confident that it will continue.

Springer's success gives us great hope that Luna, another solitary orca who became separated from his community in 2001, can also reunite with his "southern resident" community. As this new season of LIVE unfolds, we will follow these special stories, along with those of the many individuals and groups that make up the northern resident community.

Our cameras at Cracroft Point and the rubbing beaches will once again provide the "show" that entrances people around the world, THANKS to the generosity of NTT DATA and the dedication of the many staff members of Orca-live who keep our project up and running. We want to especially acknowledge the contributions of JSTREAM, SPACEPORT, NEUX, AXIS, ATLUX, and Jessie & Annie Gordon.
Our daughter Anna will be at CP again this season, which makes us as her parents very happy. We have no doubts that once again we will become enthralled by the world of Orca as this season of LIVE unfolds... and we look forward to having your company!

Paul & Helena

******* TurtleLive enters the typhoon season *******

With the onset of typhoon season, TurtleLive will be dismantled its underwater camera to prevent damage to the equipment, and for the next several months will operate only its surface camera.
Okinoerabu high school students are planning "live planetarium" webcasts of the south sea island's night sky (popular last year) and other projects.


******* E-newsletter distribution change *******

To date, the newsletter was sent only to addresses registered via the OrcaLive website. However, in accord with Dr. Spong's desire to expand the Nature Network circle, we have changed the distribution address to NatureNetwork.net, making registration available through OrcaLive's sister site, TurtleLive as well. The name of the newsletter has also changed from the "OrcaLive Newsletter" to "Nature Network Newsletter". We hope you'll continue to subscribe.

******* Introducing the Nature Network inquiry form *******

Since last year, OrcaLive and Nature Network e-mail addresses have been getting unmanageable amounts of spam. We have thus been forced to shut down the addresses through which viewers sent inquires to date. Instead, we have created a Web-based inquiry form available at the following address:
Please use this form to send us your questions and comments!

The following e-mail addresses will not longer be operative:
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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