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Another LIVE season draws to a close

Hello everyone,

The time has come for us to end another season of Orca-live.
We are sure you will agree with us that this has been a wonderful season full of marvelous sights and sounds of orcas along with many other features of the natural world, above and below water.
The new camera at the rubbing beaches added a dramatic dimension that sometimes kept us fixated on our computer screens for hours at a time. It also provided invaluable insights into the orcas' activities at the rubbing beaches. We hope that by introducing so many people around the world to this special place for orcas, we are spreading awareness of the need to protect this vital orca habitat.

Our goal, as you know, is to help protect Nature by introducing people to her richness, beauty and diversity in a very direct way.
Our belief at the end of this fourth season is that we have succeeded not only in creating an enjoyable experience of one of Natures most spectacular corners, but also in fostering the caring attitude that is so essential to the survival of our world.

Thank you so much for joining us. We hope to return next year to continue developing this experiment in using technology to bring people closer to Nature.

We wish to express our profound gratitude to our wonderful sponsor, NTT Data. Without your generous assistance none of what we have been attempting would have been possible. Thank you so much for sharing our vision!

Our heartfelt thanks also go to the many other individuals and companies that have contributed to the success of Orca-live this year, SPACEPORT, NEUX, J Stream, Atlux, AXIS, Roscom Productions, SeeMore Wildlife, Alternet Solutions, Jessie and Annie Gordon, David Howitt, Lisa Larsson, Mike von Zuben, Mike Durban, Bill ter Brugge, Anna Spong, Tomoko Mitsuya, OSS and OrcaLab assistants. We also thank B.C. Parks for their assistance and cooperation.

This season's live webcast will end at around 15:00(PST) on November 20th.

We hope you have a good winter or summer again, thank you for joining us!

Paul Spong & Helena Symonds

Live sea turtle webcasts continue @ TurtleLive
We have almost re-started the underwater camera of Turtle-live in Okinoerabu-island in Japan. Please access and enjoy the TurtleLive at
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