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Tuesday, July 2

Basic set-up at the Cracroft Point underwater station.

Installing the wireless LAN antenna at a height 30 to 40 meters above sea level.

Wednesday, July 3 - 4

Work@Alert Bay
Installing the Alert Bay side wireless LAN antenna at the home of Jessie Gordon, who does mainly computer-related work in the Alert Bay community. A 1.5 meter cable will connect the antenna to the local telephone company Telus.

Cracroft Point can be seen far in the distance from Jessie's house, which enables us to span the 16 kilometers from here to CP by wireless LAN. We've reached an age in which feats like this can be achieved--the entire staff was moved.

We installed observation- and security-related equipment here as well.
By the end of the day, the network was finally on-line!

Saturday, July 6

Wiring the AV equipment and making final adjustments to the observation system.

Saturday, July 7

Setting up the underwater cameras. The Canadian sea was extremely cold and the work was actually very difficult. To top it off, there were 4 cameras to submerge! With the cameras in place, however, preparations for the 2002 live season would be complete.
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