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2002 Live Coming Soon
Greetings again, after a six-month absence.
The OrcaLive staff -- and of course the Spongs -- are gearing up for the 2002 live webcasts. This year we plan to relay broadband, (which we are presently struggling to implement). We aim to resume around mid-July.

The Nature Network Project
Dr. Spong's longtime dream -- Nature Network-- makes its debut this year as a full-fledged project. The official website can be found @

Nature Network

The site is a simple portal, based on the desire to see Nature Network spread worldwide. It also features a new message from Dr. Spong. The completion of the site and logo has renewed our determination.

TurtleLive Becomes an Official Site
TurtleLive follows OrcaLive as the second official iteration of the Nature Network Project. Live webcasts from Okierabu Island, Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan are brought to you by local high school students. Enjoy real-time imagery of carefree sea turtles and evening scenes from this beautiful south sea island.

We await your thoughts and impressions.
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