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Behind the Scenes : 2000.8.2
Helena informed us that a superpod (multiple orca pods gathering in one spot) had appeared at Critical Point. A superpod is a once in a year, at most, rare occurrence. Here it is happening on the second day of OrcaLive, hoping they will face the cameras.
Today we are performing the final checks. Dr. Spong (the guy in the wet suit) dove into the icy (5C) sea to adjust the camera positions. We have not only been awe-struck by the wonders of nature, but also by the activity and strength of Dr. Spong, who built everything here himself. For the next three months of OrcaLive and thereafter, the Spong family's life goes on here.
All installations in place on Cracroft Point. From left to right: solar panel, video station, the shed, and the satellite antenna. From a distance it appears rather insigificant... at any rate, our work is done! The only thing left to do is pray that no natural disasters strike... hang in there for three months please!
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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