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Behind the Scenes : 2000.7.23
The installation rush at Cracroft Point has settled, and feeling the aftereffects of heavy physical work
The OrcaLive system is beyond power line access; electricity is supplied via gasoline-powered generator, solar panels and wind-generated power. Naturally, the wind and weather become a factor...!
The entire crew pitched in to haul fifteen 20-kg batteries up to the site. Dr. Spong scampered up the hill; lifting the load alone was an effort for the weaklings among us.
All the equipment hauled over from Japan had to be unloaded on shore, then lugged 20 meters up a steep cliff to the shed. (Lifting the heavier pieces alone was a strain.)
The satellite internet system and video equipment being send from LA is late in arriving. After installing an electrical outlet in the shed, we set up the computer that will transmit the audio and video data. So far so good.
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