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Behind the Scenes : 2000.4.1
2000.4.1 Open!!!

The entire staff is united in their hopes for the expansion of Nature Network. The sentiments on opening day....

>>Producing the 12-hour LiveDemo is proving harder than imagined. I highly recommend listening between 6 and 7 am Hanson Island local time--the orcas sound like they're having a great time! (U)

>> Mt. Usu about to blow?!... the rest of world has been a blank for the past few days. (O)

>>Each place we've created a connection to seems as interesting as the next. (N)

>> It turned out to be a really fun site; so fun it might just take off. (D)

>> The medium is perfectly matched to the message--work expressed in the spirit of play. (M)
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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