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>>OrcaLive 2000 LIVE closes for the season

The live webcasts of Nature Network's first experimental project, OrcaLive, closed on January 31 for the 2000 season.
We would like to thank all those who visited the live project since it opened in August for your part in building the energy!
Your words of encouragement have fueled the entire staff.
OrcaLive had more than 20 million accesses during those 6 months, a number that astounds all of us. Thank you again and again.

Please join us in sending a round of applause to Dr. Spong and his family, and all the local staff for their stunning performances in running the live project.

OrcaLive will resume in 2001!
And in an effort to promote and expand Dr. Spong's concept of Nature Network, we have started the website, Nature Network Japan.

We hope to see the Nature Network circle continue to expand throughout the world this year, and the next, and the next...
We ask for your ongoing support and participation.

>>Upcoming plans

As for our upcoming plans (which we know you've all been anxious to know)...

First, we plan to renovate the OrcaLive website around April--by organizing and supplementing the information.

We also aim to open the live webcasts a month earlier this year--in July.
We are presently researching a more stable system. As in the past, we hope you will enjoy sharing the preparation process with us until the webcasts resune.

Please continue to visit the website in the off-season too!
We await your thoughts and impressions.
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