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>>Live Project Start-up Moving Ahead!

Dr. Paul Spong visited Japan from June 7 through 18 upon the invitation of OrcaLive sponsor NTT Data; he returned to Canada in good spirits after energetic performances at technical meetings for the summer live project, press conferences, and lectures.

Japan-based OrcaLive staff members followed Dr. Spong to Vancouver for technical meetings with Canadian satellite internet companies. This meeting resulted in a fairly solid plan for the on-site system installation.

The orcas will be returning to Johnstone Strait very soon. Dr. Spong is busy with his yearly preparations (stocking up on supplies, etc.) for monitoring of the orcas as well; assistants from around the world that support Orca Lab arrived on Hanson Island at the end of June.

The OrcaLive project plans to begin full-scale system installation on site in the latter half of July, as soon as Dr. Spong completes his underwater video station set-up.

Updates on the progress of preparations for the commencement of the Live Project will be posted regularly on the site. Hang in there a bit longer everyone, the Live Project will be opening soon!

We await your thoughts and impressions.
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