OrcaLive's recommended links:

Sites offering live imagery/sound of nature
AfriCam(English only)
Live imagery from Kruger National Park and numerous other privately-run game reserves along the Northeast border of South Africa. The waterhole-cam idea is quite interesting; imagery from car-mounted cameras on game drives as well. Sound recently added. OrcaLive staff members are hooked.
See more wildlife
Run by video artist Daniel Katz (a friend of Dr Paul Spong), the site broadcasts live images of brown bears at McNeil River Falls in Alaska, elephant seals off the coast of California, and other natural habitat. The site also cooperates on OrcaLive's the Rubbing Beach site.
Sound Explorer (Japanese only)
A site that senses the world via sound, run by a friend/colleague (OrcaLive team members have assisted on this site too). Presently featuring live sound from the Iriomotejima, Japan, and a residential LA suburb.
Live Imagery of Kamoike(Japanese only)
Live imagery from Kamoike Lake in Kaga City, a paradise for tens of thousands of wild birds during fall and winter. Remote cameras too.
Living Creatures Live Collection
--Live Alive Camera
(Japanese only)

A substantial collection of links to live imagery of living creatures, albeit those in the wild are few.
Sekai no mado (Windows on the world; Japanese only)
Links to almost 1200 live cameras around the world.
Sekai no teichi kamera (Fixed-location cameras of the world; Japanese only)
Another collection of links to live cameras.
Live! Universe
Began as Live! Eclipse, a site that relayed total solar eclipses live, the non-profit organization now attempts live broadcasts of a variety of astronomical phenomena including the transit of the sunlit surface of Venus.
Race Rocks Lighthouse
Images from live cameras on the Race Rock lighthouse, located on a tiny island several kilometers off the southern tip of coast of Vancouver Island.
Think the Earth Project
Projects -- like a wristwatch in the form of a globe (Earth) as seen from outer space that expresses Earth time -- designed to inspire people to "think about the Earth" as part of everyday living. Live Earth, a new feature of the OrcaLive website as of 2004, is presented by TTE Project.

Orca-related Sites
Orcalab(English only)
OrcaLab's official website. Please visit this site to see Dr. Paul Spong's activities in addition to Nature Network.
Orcas in Patagonia(English only)
Patagonian orca website. Images of individual orcas.
(Orca Support Society)

Yoshihiko Nagatsuka's Website(Japanese only)
Website of Yoshihiko Nagatsuka, member of OSS (Orca Support Society) which backs Dr. Spongâćs efforts in Japan. Substantial links, and introduction of OSS.
Think the Earth Project